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PLEASE READ AND CHECK THE "I UNDERSTAND" BOX BELOW. The "Catalog" pages of our site are only intended to display the wide variety of Awards items that are available to you beyond what are actually offered in our On Line Store. Since our manufacturers catalogs are issued once a year, the prices shown in this section are suggested retail. Catalog Prices Do Not Include Engraving/Imaging Costs, Shipping and Handling or Possible Discounts. Some items shown in this section may require longer turn-around times and additional prep costs. It does however provide an convenient way to get some good ideas if you're not sure exactly what type of Award you would like, or can't make it to our store to browse.
If you have a computer older than 6-7 years and/or a 56K dial-up internet connection,
our Flash Format Catalog may be more than your computer can handle, or will take a very long time
to load(might freeze). Please Go Directly To The Shopping Area.

     If you are interested in something in the catalog section that you do not find in the Shopping area, please feel free to call Chuck at 317-782-3779 to get the details or for answers to any questions you may have. If you already have a good idea what you are looking for you may wish to go directly to Our On Line Store.

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