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How To Prepare and Submit Your Info and Artwork
Please read and follow these instructions to help expedite your order and
keep production costs to a minimum.
Files may be uploaded Per Trophy in our Shopping Cart or emailed directly to us.
for your Award
ACCURACY: It is very important for text and/or data you provide to be accurate. What we receive will be used for your awards. Please be sure to proof read and double check, especially spelling of names, before sending. Trophy House assumes no responsibility for incorrectly submitted lettering or data .
PROGRAMS FOR TEXT: The best way to send your text is to copy and paste it into the body of an email. We are normally able to read and print your text from there. If you don't know how to do this here are some instructions. Trophy House accepts Word and Excel files from Microsoft Office 2009 or earlier. Others may cause delays with your order.
FONTS for your AWARD: Our talented design professionals will choose an appropriate, tasteful font(s) for use on your items. If however you would like to select the font(s) for your awards we have several hundred, including the most popular, for you to choose from. Click here to see the fonts we have available. Please note: these fonts are for laser engraving and sublimation process full color printing (not for computer diamond drag engraving). When you require a font that we do not own, you will need to provide a PC True Type version. If you are unable to accomplish this, our staff will be happy to provide a layout via fax or email for your approval.
DIGITAL PHOTOS: We accept .JPG(preferred), .TIF, .PSD, .PNG and Gif. Please call if you have something different. RGB is also preferred. Our resolution requirement is a minimum of 300 dpi. Remember, higher resolution equals better results.
If you edit the picture in an image editor like Photoshop, be aware that you can't create more resolution than was in the original. Expanding the photo will ONLY blur the image proportionately. (The larger, the blurrier!)
PRINTS: Properly scanning your drawing or photo requires experience to get the best results. It may be best to let our qualified staff provide this service for you. If you must scan for yourself follow these guidelines. Scans must be at 300-400dpi and submitted in one of the above PIXEL file types, preferably a JPG. Please do not try to enlarge the piece by over-scanning and stretching. Note: Scans provided by the customer may incur additional art charges.
FILE TYPES: If you've created a design on your computer that you want to put on an award there are a few things you need to know. Unless you're an expert or professional graphic designer, you most likely don't have the same programs on your home computer that we use in our shop. They are costly and complicated, but give the best results. Example: Microsoft Word is not a professional design program. Submitting such a file provides text only, not artwork or graphics..
WHAT DOESN'T WORK? It's pretty simple really. If you can't export the design from your program as a Hi-Resolution JPG (300dpi) it will not work. Just print the best, largest copy of it and mail or drop it off to us to scan.
FOR EXPERTS and GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Depending on the type of award we're engraving or printing, our house programs are Correl 10, Corel Photopaint and Adobe Illustrator 9. If you use Illustrator, Freehand or another vector line art program it is best to export or save the design as a Hi-Resolution JPG or AI Version 9. Most engraving requires a black and white file. If you are submitting a line art file, always convert your fonts to outlines or paths. Be sure to include your True Type font if text editing is needed.

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